April 2019

Infosessions Design for Change on 7 & 10/5 (NAV)

Sustainable construction is often focused on energy-efficient buildings. However, well-considered use of materials is just as important to further reduce our environmental footprint. That is why circular construction, in all its facets, is the future of the construction industry. But is the Flemish construction sector ready? What basic concepts are there? And what role does the architect play in this story?

Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen NAV and VUB Architectural Engineering join forces and organize two information sessions for architects, engineer-architects and their employees. During the sessions we present a stat-of-affairs, OVAM comes to explain its policy and KADERSTUDIO, BAST and VK present their steps in circular construction. Thanks to the support of Flanders Circular, the sessions are free. They will take place on 7 May in Technopolis Mechelen and on 10 May during ARCHITECT@WORK in Kortrijk.

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