March 2021

Lecture series on Construction History

Within the framework of the course ‘Architectural and Construction History (before 1850)’, Stephanie Van de Voorde has invited 6 international experts in the field to give an online lecture.

Thursday March 4, 11-12 AM

Susan Galavan on 'From pickaxes to steam saws: the construction of the row house in Britain and Ireland

Thursday March 11, 11-12 AM

David Yeomans on '17th and 18th Century roofs in England: a carpentry revolution'

Thursday March 18, 11-12 AM

Paula Fuentes on 'Masonry vaults'

Thursday April 22, 11-12 AM

Heidi Deneweth on 'New building materials and urban change'

Thursday April 29, 11-12 AM

Bill Addis on 'The emergence of iron as construction material'

Thursday May 6, 11-12 AM

Philippe Sosnowska on 'The contribution of archaeology to the history of construction: the case of Brussels'

All lectures are open to a wider public. If you would like to join the lecture, please register (by clicking on the date of the lecture) at least two days before the lecture. You will receive the Teams link one day before the lecture.

[Public lectures organised by the Department of Architectural Engineering are made possible with the support of VK Architects & Engineers and Koramic/Wienerberger.]