May 2022

Construction History lecture series (March 3-May 5)

In the spring of 2022, a number of highly esteemed experts in the field of Construction History will share their knowledge with us during an online lecture. If you would like to attend one or more lectures, please register here (up to two days before each lecture, in order to receive a link). 

An overview of the five lectures:
- Louis Vandenabeele. The Basilica of St Anthony in Padua: 800 years of construction and transformation (March 3, 3 pm)
David Wendland. Gothic vaults: design and construction (March 17, 3 pm)
- Philippe Sosnowska. The contribution of archaeology to the history of construction: the case of Brussels (April 21, 3 pm) [due to unforeseen circumstances, this lecture is postponed. the exact timing will be communicated later]
- Merlijn Hurx. The trade in white limestone from Brussels in the 15th century (April 28, 3 pm)
- Aleksandra Kosykh. Early traditions of building with iron in Russia (May 5, 3 pm).

More information on each lecture (short abstract + CV) can be found here. All lectures take place on Thursdays at 3 pm.

This lecture series is organised in the framework of the course ‘Architectural and Construction History (before 1850)’, taught by prof. Stephanie Van de Voorde to 3rd Bachelor students in Architectural Engineering and Master students in Urban Studies at VUB and ULB. For more information, contact