June 2024

BA3 students explore material and labour aspects of Architectural and Construction History

In the course 'Architectural and Construction History (before 1850)', students delved into often-overlooked elements of architectural achievements. Inspired by renowned scholars like Jane Mah Hutton, Kiel Moe and Barnabas Calder, the students examined the socio-economic and environmental dimensions of architectural masterpieces from Antiquity to 1850. Emphasizing the origins of materials, the human labor involved, and the environmental impact, they highlighted the critical yet neglected facets of construction. Their research, culminating in detailed papers and visual abstracts, aims to enrich common narratives within architectural history. You can explore the visual abstracts here. For more insights, contact the educational team (Stephanie Van de Voorde, Jasmin Baumgartner and Louise Huba) or the students directly!