June 2024

'Spread your wings' event for Master students on June 21

'Spread your wings' event for Master students on June 21

Second-year master's students will soon be celebrating their graduation and receiving their Bruface Master's degree in Architectural Engineering. However, their journey doesn't end there. What lies ahead for these talented individuals? Will they pursue architecture internships, seek engineering positions, or venture into academia? Perhaps some have plans for further studies or even a globetrotting adventure.

To support and guide these students in exploring their options, VUB and ULB are organizing the yearly  'Spread your wings' event for the fourth time. Taking place on Friday, June 21, at 16:00 in the ARCH-atelier @ VUB, this event provides a platform for master students in architectural engineering to gain valuable insights from professionals. The invited speakers for this year's event are:

These distinguished professionals will share their personal journeys and experiences, shedding light on the diverse opportunities that await those with a MSc degree in architectural engineering. Through this event, students will have the chance to discover and envision their own future paths, inspired by the stories of these accomplished individuals.

Afterward, a drink is offered @ Complex.