From waste to biomaterial

Developing mycelium and waste-based materials for the building industry

From waste to biomaterial

Mycelium and waste-based biomaterials have great market potential both nationally and internationally. Through co-creative processes new biomaterials will be developed for the building industry.

We successfully finalised the project “From waste to biomaterial” which was one of the winners of the Circular Construction Challenge in Denmark. The project was launched by the Danish philanthropic association Realdania with the purpose to get new players, new solutions and more unconventional ideas into the building industry to minimise construction waste. Together with a large team of academic and industrial partners we aim to further introduce circular and bio-based mycelium-materials, grown on bio-waste with fungi, into the Danish market.

Throughout the project, we:

  • Completed material tests on different combinations of different mycelium species and waste types. 
  • Developed buildability and fabrication protocols and 
  • Provided proof-of-concept through design and construction of acoustical panels, interior walls and a spatial structure.
  • Documented a business case for waste and mycelium-based biomaterials.
  • Developed a knowledge-sharing platform.


Dansk Design Center / CCC (2) from Dansk Design Center on Vimeo.