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Jan Broekaert

Center Leo Apostel for

Interdisciplinary Studies



Research Professor of Science, Arts and Technology

Jan Broekaert is committed to interdisciplinary research in the frame work of world views. This includes a variety of subjects, among which the development of quantum-type models for formal aspects of human cognition, the study of the intrinsic contextual creation of the meaning of signs and its epistemological implications for Apostel's approach to integrating worldviews. Another domain of interest is the meaning of geometric conventionalism and underdetermination in general relativity, gravitation and space-time theory. He obtained his PhD (1994, on `few body systems in relativistic interaction') and Licentiate (1987, on `the quantum decay law and the quantum Zeno effect') in physics at TENA-VUB on subjects related to the foundations of quantum theory and quantum field theory. During 2006, he joined the Philosophy of Physics Group at the University of Oxford as an academic visitor. He is also involved as a supervisor in various interdisciplinary research projects by doctoral students at CLEA leading them to the recently installed title of `PhD in Interdisplinary Studies' (Wim Van Daele 2013, Karen De Looze 2013) (forthcoming; Agnieszka Patyk-Lonska, Lorena Perez-Garcia). These interdisciplinary research projects have ranged over -and integrated- subjects and methods of anthropology, ethics, social complexity, geometric algebra, human development studies and web analytics. 
He also remains involved in teaching -calculus and discrete mathematics- at the VUB mathematics department DWIS, applied economics department APEC and previously at the University of Ghent - Biomath. 

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