Research topics
The investigations are concentrated in thematical projects:

1. Canvas topic: The layered structure of reality, an integrating worldview model

2. Cognition, knowledge acquisition and perception of reality

a. A contextual theory of concepts
b. Constructivism and knowledge
c. The origin of the modern human mind, naturalist and culturalist approaches to cognition
d. Self-organising knowledge networks

3. The evolution of systems and complexity

a. Evolution as context driven actualisation of potential
b. Evolution of higher complexity levels
c. Evolution as canalised phylogenetic development

4. Worldviews and value systems, society and culture

a. Worldview
b. Worlview and Law
c. Art and Sciences
d. Intercultural philosophy
e. Science, Technology and the Life-world
f. Classical and modern perceptions of ancient Greek music and myth
g. Life-worlds and ‘Self’

5. The generic quantum-classical transition model, potentiality, ontology & contextual change

a. General Operational Quantum Formalisms
b. Dynamics and Contextual Change
c. Probability
d. Compound systems
e. Logic, computation and information

Publications 1998-2002

NOTE: more comprehensive and searchable publication list is available at the publication page. It also contains abstracts and, if available, links to downloadable versions.

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