Research Council


The research branch is directed by an academical advisory commission; the Research Council. The mission of this board consists mainly of formulating advice on policy and determining a long-term vision on scientific research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The Research Council (RC) also watches over the quality of research, coördinates funding and stimulates new research iniviatives. 


The RC is composed of a representative amount of members of independent academical staff which is chosen by the Education Council (EC). The chosen members meet the requirements of competence-related indicators as enlisted in the ZAP-competentieprofielen (Indepent Academic Staff-performance profiles) and approved by approved by the EC (quality requirements). The RC also has to show a maximum of 2/3 of staff to share the same sex, including the Vice-Rector (gender equality). Each of the faculties presents three or four effective members and two or three substitutes in an order of priority and not all of the same sex. Considering these requirements including gender equality and quality policies, the Vice-Rector Research Policy presents per faculty 2 effective members and 2 substitutes to the EC. In case of deviations of priority of a faculty a motivation is required. 

    1. Chairman, Vice-Rector Research Council
    2. 2 effective and 2 substituting members per faculty (meeting the requirements of gender equality)
    3. 1 effective and 1 substituting member, not of the same sex, appointed by the School of Arts concerning the Association
      1. Government Commissioner
      2. Representative of finance
      3. CEO of the VUB
      4. 5 spectators, appointed by the Education Board
      5. Vice-Rector Innovation & Valorisation policy
      6. Representative of the UMC-commission

Research Council

Academical Coordination
Prof. Dr. Patrick De Baetselier
Vice-Rector Research

R&D-cell Research Coordination
Mieke Gijsemans
Research Coordinator

Quality evaluation and preparatory policy studies
Nadine Rons

EU and International Research
Nik Claesen