Directions to the Brussels Health Campus

Brussels Health Campus
Laarbeeklaan 103
1090 Brussels
Phone +32 (0)2 477 41 02 
Email : info@gf.vub.ac.be

Finding your way on foot

Finding your way on foot

This campus is not only the home base of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, but also includes the buildings of the UZ Brussels, the Health Care Department of the Erasmus University College Brussels and Basic-Fit. Furthermore, you will also find a student restaurant, a library, the Centre for Study and Support, etc., here.

Campus maps:

By bike

In Brussels, you’ll often get around quicker by bike than by public transport or car. It’s possible to park your bike in the underground car parks on the campus; bike racks are provided near the entrances to the staircase.

Practical information:

By public transport

At the request of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the MIVB/STIB has drawn up a reachability sheet for both campuses of the university. These sheets provide an overview of the different options for reaching the campuses using the Brussels public transport company:

Please consult the website of the MIVB/STIB for more information regarding trams and buses in Brussels. More information regarding the buses of De Lijn can be found on the website.

By car

Take exit 9 on the Brussels Ring (R0); then follow the signs for UZ Brussel. For detailed or alternative routes, please consult Google Maps or Mappy.com. 

Since Januari 2018, the Brussels Capital Region is a LEZ. LEZ stands for "Low Emission Zone". The term is used to designate where polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive in a given city, or areas of that city. It is one of the measures taken in numerous European cities to improve air quality and consequently public health.
When driving to the Brussels Region by car or van, you can check here whether or not your vehicle is affected. If your vehicle is, you can use the transits parkings in Brussels or alternatives for the car (see above). Between January and October, 1th, there is a transition periode. From October, 1th on, failure to comply will lead to a fine. If you have a vehicle registered abroad, do not forget to register it online before visiting Brussels (even if you comply!) This can be done online (from July, 1th onwards).