Lecture series on particle astrophysics

Prof. Francis Halzen will give a series of lectures in the framework of the Class of Excellence. The lecture will discuss the multi-wavelength approach to particle astrophysics (gamma rays, neutrinos and cosmic rays) with emphasis on neutrinos. The approach will be to explain the science with back-of-the-envelope illustrations and reference the papers required for detailed calculations.

  • Particle astrophysics, 12 June 2014, UGent
  • Tuesday 23/09: Cosmic rays, high energy gamma rays and neutrinos. Register here
  • Wednesday 24/09: Cosmic accelerators and neutrino astronomy. Register here
  • Thursday 25/09: Dark Matter. Register here
  • Friday 26/09: The particle physics of particle astrophysics. Register here


The International Francqui Chair is organized under the auspices of the Physics Department of the VUB, in collaboration with the ULB, UGent, UMons, UA, ULg, KULeuven
More information: Prof. Catherine De Clercq, promotor