Thursday, 4 May, 2023 - 13:00 until 17:00
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At TWNY, we believe the last thing has not been said about drugs. New variants are still coming onto the market, there are drug conflicts in our country and one in four Belgians does reach for (soft) drugs at some point. We are looking for different perspectives that can contribute to an informed discussion. The goal? To gather knowledge and raise awareness among participants, without judging.

The workshop is based on four pillars: polarisation, addiction, policy and peer pressure.

The atelier substantiates itself on four positions: polarisation, addiction, policy and peer pressure.

  • Polarisation: How can we ensure that drug use becomes less polarising?
  • Addiction: How can we make addiction easier to discuss and address for the 'socially accepted drugs' (alcohol, medication, cannabis...)
  • Policy: How to make drug policies towards students more effective? Raising awareness, prevention, treatment, punishment, legalisation, ...
  • Peer Pressure: how to promote a drug-free evening as a fine, healthy and above all normal alternative among clubbing youth?

Please note that this workshop is not just for students. Anyone with an idea around this theme is more than welcome.Β Sign upΒ to participate.


    Location: P2.007 (old dorms)

    Date: 04/05 (13-17h)

    Language: English