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Development of numerical tools for computational aeroacoustics

Friday, 30 September, 2005 - 17:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Jan Ramboer
phd defence

The work done in this dissertation was situated in the field of
Computational Aero Acoustics. The exponential growth in computational
power over the last decade has lead to a growing domain of research
where the use of computational fluid dynamics techniques is applied in the
field of aero acoustics. Present state-of-the-art methods use a hybrid
approach where the calculation of the sound generating process is
separated from the calculation of the transport of the sound to the far
field. In this work, this hybrid approach was followed and the necessary
tools were researched and developed. The main idea was to extend the
existing compressible flow solver Euranus towards Large Eddy Simulations
for near field noise computation and to develop a code which could
compute the sound, based on the LES computation, for an observer far
away from the sound source. In this work high order upwind type
schemes with low diffusion and dispersion errors were developed and
discussed. A new way for optimizing time integration schemes to minimize
the total diffusion and dispersion errors was proposed. Two different types
of boundary conditions were implemented and tested on their
performance in CAA computations. For the far field noise computations,
two codes were developed, tested and compared to each other. Finally, all
those tools were brought together to perform a LES calculation of a
circular cylinder in cross flow, on which an acoustic post processing was
done with the developed far field solver.