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European Trade Policy Making as an Exchange of Goods between Public and Private Actors in Multilevel Networks

Monday, 16 May, 2011 - 10:15
Faculty: Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
Hongyu Wang
phd defence

In the field of European trade policymaking, public and private actors exchange goods in a multilevel network on the basis of resource-interdependency. The interaction takes place on the European supranational, national and sub-national levels. The doctoral dissertation analyses the influence of the network structures on the initiation and formulation of European trade policies through a comparison of the actors involved and their resource-dependent interactions in European trade negotiations on the one side and anti-dumping legislations on the other. This research is based on the analysis of official documents, on secondary sources and interviews.

There are five parts in this research. The first chapter reviews the literature concerning public-private interactions according to the multilevel network approach and European trade policymaking. The second chapter analyzes the institutional power of EU public actors, the resources of private actors, the intermediary roles of partner actors, and the type of goods public and private actors exchange between each other. The third chapter is a literature review analyzing the public-private interactions in European trade negotiations involving the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament. The EU anti-dumping policy towards Chinese footwear (2005-2009) is analyzed in a fourth chapter by tracking the Commission’s official documents and analyzing the contents of interviews. The conclusion compares the exchange of goods between public and private actors involved in European trade negotiations on the one side and anti-dumping legislation on the other. It further indicates the influence of network structures on the making of European trade policies.

Promoter: Prof. Bruno Coppieters