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Journalism and collective memory

Monday, 29 April, 2013 - 19:30 to Monday, 29 April, 2013 - 21:30
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Building D
Promotion Hall D.2.01
Department of Communication Studies at the Vrije Universiteit and the Brussels Platform for Journalism, with the support of Corelio
Guest lecture

In April and May 2013, the Department of Communication Studies at the Vrije Universiteit and the Brussels Platform for Journalism, with the support of publishing group Corelio, organise the second Corelio Chair ‘Media and Society’.

Corelio Chair for 2013 is prominent American communication scholar Barbie Zelizer. Barbie Zelizer works at the prestigious Annenberg School for Journalism (University of Pennsylvania). In her work, Zelizer, a former journalist, focuses on the cultural dimensions of journalism, with a specific interest in journalistic authority, collective memory, and journalistic images in times of crisis and war.

We would like to invite you to the opening lecture of the Corelio chair on Monday 29 April 2013. The title of the lecture is ‘Journalism and collective memory’. About this, Barbie  Zelizer will argue that:

"As one of the premier institutions of public record-keeping, journalism plays a central role in providing an ongoing account of present-day events. But alongside that account it offers too a record of the past. This lecture will address the ways in which journalism acts as a vehicle of collective memory, showing how it shapes, challenges and upholds certain versions of the past over others. In so doing, the lecture will raise the question of journalism's responsibility for past and present, writ large."

After the lecture, Barbie Zelizer will debate this with respondents (Bart Sturtewagen editor-in-chief of De Standaard), Rudi Vranckx (war journalist for the Flemish public broadcaster VRT), Prof. François Heinderyckx (Department of Information and Communication Studies, Université Libre de Belgique, expert in political journalism and political communication), and Prof. Dave Sinardet (Department of Communication Studies, VUB, expert in the relation between journalism and nationalism).

Based on their experiences and expertise they will speak about the role of journalism in shaping collective memory in relation to for example war and political and cultural  identities and nationalism in a Flemish, Brussels, Belgian, and European context. The debate will be moderated by Prof. Katia Segers (Department of Communication Studies, VUB).

The evening’s programme looks like this: 

  • 19h30: Introduction Corelio Chair ‘Media and Society’ by Bart Sturtewagen (editor-in-chief De Standaard (Corelio)) and  Prof. Katia Segers (Department of Communication Studies, VUB) 
  • 19u45: Lecture Barbie Zelizer ‘Journalism and collective memory’
  • 20u45: Debate
  • 21u30: Reception



Media professionals, academics, students, and anyone else who would be interested are welcome.
Lecture and debate are in English.
Entrance is free, but registration is mandatory.

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