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Can we talk about biosocial criminology?

Thursday, 6 February, 2014 - 09:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Faculty: Law and Criminology
Building D
Room D.3.10
CRiS & LSTS (Faculty of Law and Criminology)
02/629 1389
Day Seminar

Day seminar with Prof. Dr. Nikolas Rose, King’s College London.

The 'expert seminar' will fuel contemporary academic debate about biosocial criminology which has been raised in particular by recent scientific findings in fields other than criminology, such as biology, genetics and neuroscience. Although interdisciplinary exchange is not a novelty, today's biosocial criminology raises challenging questions and emerging concerns that researchers should address.


9.00 Registration
9.20 Welcome and introduction by Prof. Jenneke Christiaens
9.30 Keynote "Governing Anti-Social Brains: Notes on Neurocriminology" by Prof. Nikolas Rose
10.30 Discussion
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 "The criminal brain: Recent developments in social and moral neuroscience" by Prof. Frank Van Overwalle
11.30 Response by Prof. Nikolas Rose  & Discussion
11.45 "Natural born criminals. The theoretical paradigm of biosocial criminology under the microscope" by Veerle Pashley & Ineke Casier
12.15 Response & Discussion
12.30 Lunch
13.30 "Profiling criminals: from Lombrosian skulls to neurocriminology" by Antonella Galetta & Rosamunde van Brakel
14.00 Response by Prof. Nikolas Rose & Discussion
14.15 "The dark side of human sociality. The evolutionary roots of contemporary prejudiced" - by Ben Heylen
14.45 Response by Prof. Nikolas Rose & Discussion
15.00 General Reflections by Prof. Gary T. Marx
15.15 Final remarks by Prof. Serge Gutwirth

 15.30 Reception

Organised by: CRiS & LSTS
Sponsored by: the VUB Doctoral School of Human Science






The conference is open to all. 
1 Credit has been granted by VUB Doctoral School for participation of PhD students.
Participation is free but registration is required (max. 40 persons!). Lunch and reception are included.