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All together to Brussel Brost

Thursday, 24 September, 2015 - 13:30
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
Ingang gebouw D en gebouw A
Infopunt studenten
Kick Off

Tous ensemble! All together! Alle zusammen! Todos juntos! 所有一起

Feel like going to Brussel Brost, but don't like commuting by yourself? Don't let the lonely commute stop you, because from both campus Etterbeek and campus Jette a flock of VUB students will happily accompany you to the festival.

Strarting from 1:30 PM shuttles will leave both campuses on a regular basis.

Feel like cycling?

That's great! Join us in front of building D (Etterbeek) or building A (Jette) at the times listed below.

A skillful student will lead you towards the festival. Bet you will be faster by bike?

Note: there is a Villo! station and a secured bike storage at the party.

Hours of departure

1:30 PM>> metro + bicycle

2:00 PM >> metro 

2:30 PM >> metro

3:00 PM >> metro + bicycle

3:30 PM >> metro 

4:00 PM >> metro

4:30 PM >> metro + bicycle


1:30 >> metro + bicycle

2:30 >> metro

3:30 >> metro

4:30 >> metro