INFER Workshop on News and Fiscal Policy

Venue & Accomodation

How to reach the campus

The INFER Workshop on News & Fiscal Policy takes place on Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is easily accessible by public transport.

From the Brussels National Airport

Once in the Brussels National Airport, you can arrive to the campus by train (without transfers in around 25 minutes) and by bus (with one transfer in the Quartier Européen and in around 45 minutes)

The train stop in the airport is on the basement level-1, below the terminal. For arriving to the VUB campus take the train at the airport direction Dinant and stop in Etterbeek.

The bus platform is located on the level 0 and the Airport line is number 12 to Luxembourg Square. From there you can arrive to the VUB with the bus number 95.

From the Bruxelles-Midi train station

From Bruxelles Midi Station, you can take a train and stop at Etterbeek station.

The STIB provides an easy-to-use reachability sheet pointing out the different possibilities by train, tram and bus. Eventually, they all lead to the train station Etterbeek Station (or the tram station on the opposite side of the road). From there, a 5 minute walk brings you to the venue on the university campus (cf. map below).

Venue of the workshop

The INFER Workshop on News and Fiscal Policy will be hosted on the premises of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on the Brussels Engineering, Sciences & Humanities Campus.

The workshop itself takes place in the "Aloïs Gerlo" auditorium (room D.2.01), which is located centrally on the campus. To host the parallel sessions, we will use the boardroom the Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences and Solvay Business School, located on the second floor of Building C (room C.2.07A). In Building C, you will have the possibility to safely store your luggage.


The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has a partnership with the U-Residence. The U-Residence is a brand new residence that provides accommodation for short term stays, as well as for longer periods. The residence is located right next to the campus and is within a walking distance from train, tram and bus stations.

The single rooms can be offered for €60/night. Double rooms (two single separate beds) are also available for €100/night. Be sure to contact them as soon as possible because places are limited.

More information can be found on http://www.u-residence.be/en/.