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Tuesday, 21 November, 2017 - 18:00 to Tuesday, 21 November, 2017 - 22:00
Varkensmarkt, 15 - 1000 Brussel
Redelijk Eigenzinnig / Reason and Engage (VUB
workshops & debate

Redelijk Eigenzinnig / Reason and Engage (VUB) is an interdisciplinary course for students and a series of lectures and activities open to all. The third edition of Redelijk Eigenzinnig / Reason and Engage (VUB) explores scopes and impact of new technologies.

Accelerated technological development in the field of ICTs, app, sensoring, etc. are transforming our cities. Digital technologies spread into every corner of the city dwellers’ lives. What impact do they have on the urban public(s) and dynamics? Does connectivity help to strengthen ownership over and participation in the urban sphere? Could datafication thrive urban inclusiveness and sustainability?  What new exclusions and vulnerabilities might arise from digitalization? How do we ensure that digitization benefits the city's livability? What role is there to play for scientists, policymakers, urban designers, active citizens and artists in ‘reclaiming the city’?

On Tuesday 21h of November 2017 Redelijk Eigenzinnig / Reason and Engage (VUB) proposes several activities to explore and experience the impact of new technologies on the urban public(s): workshop 'exploring the urban WIFI' (PETER WESTENBERG), performance 'walking the line' (BENJAMIN VANDEWALLE), workshop '(dis)empowerment in a digital society' (ILSE MARIËN), workshop 'making a Citizen Observatory' (Jesse Zaman & Wolfgang de Meuter). Experiences & opinions will be exchanged and debated during the CLOSING DEBATE <reclaiming the city>.

panel: Wolfgang de Meuter (professor at the VUB and one of the coordinators of the Software Languages Lab, Filis Zümbültas (Smart City coordinator for Brussels), Toha De Brant (works for BRAL, a city movement striving for an environmentally friendly, affordable and solidary city), Benjamin Vandewalle (artist in residence at Kaaitheater).

moderatorIlse Mariën (imec-SMIT, VUB).

This event takes place at BRONKS (Varkensmarkt 15 - 1000 Brussel).  Activities start at 6PM. The debate starts at 8PM. Entrance is free.

More information: www.redelijkeigenzinnig.be

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