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Belgian Pride 2019

Saturday, 18 May, 2019 - 14:00
City centre

The 18th of May ULB and VUB march together trough the streets of Brussels under the colors of the rainbow, as part of the Belgian Pride, defending sexual diversity, equality and freedom.


With their participation at this event both universities explicitly make a statement against homophobia and transphobia, representing the humanist project. The goal: to make this world a better place. Alumni, staff, researchers and students... help us to spread this message of solidarity and join us. All for one - VUB & ULB for all!

Want to find out more about our project? Check our webpage or Facebook
We're also looking for volunteers to help. Interested? Let us know: https://urlz.fr/93B0
More info about the Belgian Pride and the parade through the city center: https://www.pride.be/prideparade/