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Does Culture Matter? The role of culture in EU China economic cooperation

Friday, 11 January, 2019 - 09:00
Campus: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campus
building D
Room D.2.01 promotion room


Culture in sociology has been proved as a major influence on the individual, providing a great possibility for human communication and interaction. It determines individual recognition, perception and behavior, and exerts an essential influence on intercultural communication. Some researchers have argued that intercultural communication is hindered when individuals are using their own cultural frames encountering other individuals from different cultures.

After China-EU 2020 strategic agenda for cooperation was proposed, bilateral investments and strategic partnership have been increased and strengthened on multiple levels. However, obstacles still exist in terms of in-depth commercial cooperation. Questions being raised: what role does culture play during the process of EU-China economic cooperation? How do culture differences affect commercial communication between the EU and China? How could we cope with these differences?

During this symposium, experts from different cultural backgrounds, mainly European countries and China, will provide concrete discussions and shed light on these questions from different perspective.

Time Activity

Opening Session

Speech by Prof. Luk Van Langenhove, Director of the Institute for European Studies, Academic Commissioner of International Institutes and Networking of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Part I: Culture Differences in EU China Economic Cooperation

"From Convergence to Community: A Case Study of China-EU Relations in CGTN (2018)"

Prof. Minsu WU, The Deputy Dean of Faculty of Journalism and Communication, Communication University of China 

"'Soft' Business Culture, 'Hard' Consequences of Underestimating"

Diego GILARDONI, External Advisor of University of International Business and Economics

Dr. Duncan Freeman, Research fellow of EU-China Research Centre, College of Europe

10:30 Coffee Break

Part II: The Impact of Culture in EU-China Economic Cooperation

"Confucianism, Capitalism and International Economic Cooperation"

Prof. Bart Dessein, Department of Languages and Cultures, Ghent University

"The Impact of Culture Difference on EU-China International Trade"

Prof. Jiaqiang MAO, The Dean of Economic Faculty, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Taerwe, Director of the China Platform, Ghent University

12:00 Light Lunch

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