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Ethics Week 2019 - Lunch Session 2 (Jette) "Gene genius: CRISPR-Cas and gene editing in the lab"

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 - 13:00
Campus: Brussels Health Campus
Research events
02 629 21 49


‘Game changer’; ‘disruptor’; ‘spectacular’.
The hype around CRISPR-Cas and gene editing techniques is enormous.
For many researchers, the potential is also real: from ‘fixing’ disease-causing mutations in humans, to making crops more resilient, and managing destructive insects. 
However, any technology with great potential brings risks with it: the gene therapy field is still recovering from a clinical trial in the 1990s that went wrong and led to the death of a patient.

This session asks how we can manage the risks and the potential of medical applications of CRISPR-Cas 

  • What effects can changing one part of a genome have other parts on other parts of the genome - and can we predict these effects?
  • CRISPR-CAS is cheap and accesible: but is that a good thing?
  • Can we manage the expectations about what CRISPR-Cas can achieve?
  • How do we regulate new technologies - and can the regulation keep up?


  • Hilde van de Velde (Centre for Reproductive Medicine)
  • Karen Sermon (Research group Reproduction and Genetics)
  • Karl Meesters (Patient Representative)



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