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Ethics week 2019 - Lunch Session 3 "Ethics & Gerontology"

Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 - 12:00
Campus: Brussels Health Campus
Atrium / Forum
Research events
+32 2 629 21 49

Ethics and Gerontology: Who wants to live forever?

If you had the possibility to live indefinitely, would you want to?

Among the scientific community, there is a growing acknowledgement that ageing and age-related diseases are not as inevitable as we once thought. The emerging field of rejuvenation biotechnologies hypothesizes that we might even live forever.

This raises many questions: In an already overpopulated world with scarce resources, which impact would extending life spans have on future generations? Are we enhancing quality or quantity of life?

Finally, there is the issue of social injustice - would there be equal access to these extra years and decades?

Let's discuss these questions!







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