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MdM-lecture by David Paternotte "Rethinking Anti-Gender Campaigns"

Monday, 9 March, 2020 - 19:00

Today, anti-gender campaigns are fought by a myriad of actors across the globe. All this results in increasingly complex constellations of actors in a more diverse set of countries (Europe, Latin America, USA, Australia, Turkey, etc.). These actors are evermore connected transnationally through different formal and informal networks. These observations should invite us to rethink what is meant by “anti-gender campaigns”. 

Rather than looking for an essence that would be valid globally, this talk claims that more attention must be paid to the context of enunciation: who use these campaigns, where and to achieve what? To highlight these differences, it examines how anti-gender campaigns are fought in three different settings: the Roman Catholic Church, populist and far-right groups and increasingly authoritarian states. It will show that, while these campaigns undoubtedly share cross-national similarities (Kuhar and Paternotte 2017), the context crucially impacts the forms taken by these campaigns on the ground. As a result, “gender ideology” should be regarded as a Frankenstein ideology. Indeed, like Frankenstein’s monster, it does no emerge out of ignorance and has now largely emancipated from its creator to live a life on its own. 


18:00-18:15: welcome & introduction by RHEA-director prof. dr. Gily Coene
18:15-19:00: lecture by David Paternotte
19:00-19:15: response by RHEA-co-director prof. dr. Karen Celis
19:15-20:00: Q&A
20:00-21:00: reception