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Online Intensive Course in Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences 2020

Tuesday, 1 September, 2020 - 01:00 to Thursday, 15 October, 2020 - 01:00
Campus: Brussels Health Campus
Faculty: Geneeskunde en Farmacie
Prof. Vera Rogiers - Fabienne Van Bamis
internationale cursus

Objectives of the Online Intensive Course

“The Intensive Course in Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences is organized this year for the 34rd time. As Covid-19 has affected us all and worldwide different measures are taken according to the different local situations, we organize the course this year exceptionally online in order not to disappoint all our loyal participants.”

This virtual course offers an intensive training programme, designed for those of graduate and postgraduate status, in the field of dermato-cosmetic sciences. Our aspiration is not only to provide up-to-date reliable scientific information of university standard regarding chemically and toxicologically well-defined dermato-cosmetic products, but in particular also of the close interaction between products and the skin as a living organ. The course is aimed to form specialists for the cosmetic industry, the dermatologically oriented pharmaceutical industry and for professionals in research and development, scientists, marketeers and training people involved in dermato-cosmetics. According to cosmetics Regulation N°1223/2009/EC and Regulation 655/2013, besides the safety of cosmetics, efficacy also plays an important role in the Product Information File (PIF) that needs to be prepared for each cosmetic product placed on the EU market.

In the actual course you will hear what the EU regulatory framework means in terms of safety and claim substantiation. 

Key questions to be tackled by the course

  • How to realize daily skin care and deal with the delicate napkin zone of babies?
  • The microbiome of human skin: a hype or a key factor for maintaining a healthy skin?
  • Deodorants based on the skin microbiome concept: how far are we?
  • How important is the barrier function of the skin? Can cosmetics affect its performance?
  • What is "sensitive skin” in a cosmetic context? • What are the newest findings concerning skin aging? Role of sun exposure?
  • How can we efficiently protect the skin from premature aging?
  • Claim substantiation is an obligatory part of a PIF (Reg 1223/2009 and 655/2013). How to deal with it?
  • What is natural? what natural-derived? Does isonorm 16128 brings clarity?
  • How effective are skin care products? Can their efficacy be objectively evaluated by using non-invasive bioengineering methods?
  • New approach methodologies (NAMs) for safety evaluation of cosmetics: what is the status today?
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