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Justice in a Multispecies World: Workshop with Zoöp

Thursday, 21 January, 2021 - 14:00
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Crosstalks and Kaaitheater
Interactive workshop

Participants will read and treat the Campus Etterbeek as a collective body, consisting of the human and nonhuman entities and artefacts together: soil life, plant life, water life, human users and passers-by, buildings, infrastructures. They will observe how different life worlds at the Campus relate to each other. Finally, they will characterize, from different perspectives, which internal and external relations are critical for the development of the quality of life of Campus Etterbeek. 

*Zoöp is a new form of organization that has the goal to strengthen the position of nonhuman life within human societies, both politically and ecologically. An organization becomes a zoöp by including in its the board human representatives of the interests of the local nonhuman community.Zoöps support ecological regeneration, or quality of life for the whole multispecies community.


14:00-17:00: Online workshop by Zoöp


Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (he/his) is researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, primarily in the context of digital culture. Since the late 1990s he works at the intersections of culture, technology and ecology. He researches, curates and moderates events at the touch points of these fields. He has been teaching media and other theory at the Rietveld Academy since 2002. A consistent element in his work is the intersection of different knowledge practices: technological, artistic, legal, scientific, and nonhuman.He was responsible for – among other projects – the Garden of Machines (2015), Gardening Mars (2017) and he co-curated the Neuhaus Temporary Academy for more-than-human knowledge (2019).  He is initiator of the zoöp project: the development and implementation of an organisational format for collaboration between human and nonhuman collectives.

Patricia Ribault (she/her/hers) is Professor for Performative Design Research at weißensee kunsthochschule berlinand one of the principal investigators for the Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She studied Applied Arts and Ceramics in Paris and glassblowing in England, Murano (Italy) and Tunisia. She has been running a Master seminar at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris since 2011. Her research focuses on the body, gesture, work, technique, art, industry and design and she is currently editing a book entitled Design, Gestaltung, Formatività. Patricia Ribault is co-developer of the zoönomic method and teachers the course Interspecificities at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.


The three-day-program Justice in a Multispecies World is part of A Series of More-Than-Human Encounters, a collaboration of Crosstalks and Kaaitheater. The series seeks to situate human to more-than-human relations, and conditions of liberation and co-existence in a world that has been modelled in a context of imperialism, patriarchy and capitalism.  


 In order to keep the workshop interactive, the number of participants is limited. The plenary session of Zoöp will take place in English, but during the active part participants can also express themselves in Dutch. Therefore, no extensive knowledge of the English language is needed to take part in the workshop.

Online lecture programmes require a lot of work, and speakers and moderators earn a fair wage. The price of your ticket supports this enormously. Therefore we propose: pay what you can. Thank you very much for your support of € 5 or € 10Get your ticket on the website of Kaaitheater.


06.01.2021: Lecture by Maneesha Decka

20.01.2021: Round Table Discussion