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Public PhD Defense Philippe Lamouris

Friday, 22 October, 2021 - 14:00
Faculty: Letteren en Wijsbegeerte
Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel
Small concert hall, Kleine Zavel 5
Faculty Languages & Humanities
Doctoraatsverdediging/Public PhD defence

Beyond - Reflections of a pianist-composer on musical simplexity, emotion and soul.

What? Public defense of the PhD in the Arts of Philippe Lamouris.

When? Friday October 22 at 2pm

Where? Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Kleine Zavel 5, 1000 Brussels. Small concert hall

Want to join? Please send an e-mail before October 18. 

Covid regulations? KCB works with the Covid Safe Ticket, so you will need to present your CST at the entrance of the hall. 

We are very much looking forward to welcome you!

 About the PhD in the Arts of Philippe Lamouris:

There are two main concepts/questions which guided Philippe Lamouris through his PhD. The first one was called “the investigation into emotion-evoking parameters and techniques of the late romantic music and its recontextualization into his artistic practices”. The second one was more ambiguous with the question: “How does one become a better musician?” The aim was to link these two ideas and find a way of incorporating the research into his artistic practices.

 More information about the PhD in the Arts of Philippe Lamouris