Food at student-friendly prices

At the Vrije Universiteit Brussel you can have a nice, healthy meal at a very reasonable price. Every day, the student restaurant free-flow (self-service with free-standing counters) serves a wide range of hot and cold meals, while the cafeteria is the place to go for snacks, sandwiches and drinks. And all this at student-friendly prices.

International restaurant

In the context of internationalisation, the restaurant is making a contribution to encourage as many VUB students as possible to plan a stay abroad in the course of their study years or to become involved in intercultural and international activities at home – by serving international meals. Every week, we have ‘Meals of the World’ on the menu. On the national holidays of a range of countries, a traditional
dish from that country will be served in order to encourage VUB students to have a taste of other cultures. Moreover, the International Tables, where students can practice languages such as English, Spanish and Italian during their lunch in a relaxed atmosphere, are organised several days a week. The restaurant is also always open to support international students who would like to share a celebration or another theme from their home country with the VUB community. If you have an idea or suggestion for an event, menu..., we invite you to contact: 
 International Relations & Mobility Office - + 32(0)2 880 12 69.

Menu suggestions

The menu of the day, the light menu or the vegetarian dish always includes: soup, main course with chips, potatoes, mashed potatoes or rice, and a sweet of your choice.
The light-menus are based on the WeightWatcher type menu. The points that are indicated correspond to the points that are used for the WW menus.
No chips or potatoes are served with pasta or wok dishes (these are served with rice).
A veggie pasta and wok dish will be served once a week.
Grill: Choice between tournedos, mixed grill, lamb ribs or scampi skewer + soup + small salad from the salad bar + potatoes, mashed potatoes or rice + sweet of your choice. The grill is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Also available every day: cold dishes (steak tartare, tuna salad, salmon salad, crab salad, cooked ham, chicken fillet, feta... + large salad from the salad bar + chips, potatoes or rice + soup + sweet).
NEW from this academic year: the hot vegetable bar. In addition to our daily vegetarian dish, you are now also able to serve yourself from a wide selection of hot vegetables. We keep the nutritional value in mind here (cereals, beans, lentils and vegetables that are rich in protein and iron). This meal also includes: soup - chips, potatoes, mashed potatoes or rice - and a sweet of your choice.
The free-flow also has a delicious Salad Bar for those who are not opting for the full 3-course menu.
You have the choice between a small or a large plate. The products from the salad bar are not included in the price of the lunch.

Payment facilities

The restaurant accepts the following payment methods:

• Cash
• Proton
• Bancontact
• Meal vouchers

You can withdraw money or recharge your proton card at the ING bank (at the Esplanade).

Questions, suggestions, complaints

Suggestion boxes with forms to be completed can be found near the cash desks. Or send an e-mail to vubrestaurant@vub.be. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Good to know

Have your student card ready before you reach the cash desk. Place your tray on the tray conveyor after your meal, and note the happy smiles of the restaurant personnel.
Our soups are prepared in a vegetarian manner, and without any addition of salt. Salt and pepper sachets are available from the cash desks.

Student cards that are found will be kept for one week at Cash desk 1, at the free-flow. Other found objects (keys, wallets, handbags, etc.): are always handed over to the Security Service (Esplanade, across from the cafeteria entrance). Tip: never leave any possessions unattended in the restaurant!

Disabled students can apply for a key for the special lift that is available for them in order to enter the restaurant from the cafeteria. Personal assistance (help with the tray, etc.) is part of our service.

Oxfam fair trade shop in the restaurant

Oxfam Fair Trade Shop VUB is a student association selling Fair Trade products in order to offer the VUB student-consumer a more just and fair alternative, in addition to running sensitization campaigns relating to fair world trade. The shop can be found at the back of the restaurant (follow the arrows) and is open during the lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 12:15 and 1:45 p.m. (closed on holidays and during study and examination periods). Come and visit us, and discover our fair and delicious products!
Oxfam snacks and fruit juices are available throughout the day from the drinks machines
in the cafeteria. More information: oww@vub.ac.be or UCOS: www.studentzoektwereld.be –
contact@ucos.be - + 32(0)2649 69 63

Sustainable vision

Sustainability is one of the core values of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The restaurant intends to play a pioneering role here, and aims for the following in its selection of meals:

• to serve healthy food that is produced in an ecologically-sound manner,
• to promote fair trade and an open vision of the world,
• to create awareness among our restaurant guests,
• to save energy and reduce waste in its daily operation.

What will change in 2010-2011? You can read all about it in our Charter for Sustainable Food.

Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus

Free-flow: from 11:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
Cafetaria: from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The restaurant is open the whole year round except during the weekend, on feast days and between Christmas and the New Year.

Brussels Health Campus

The self-service of the Brussels Health Campus student restaurant is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (for breakfast, drinks, sandwiches...).

Lunch is served between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Please visit the www.vub.ac.be/restaurant/jette web page for more information on the menus that are served. 

Consumer Menu of the day - vegetarian dish and light menu Pasta Bar Wok Cold Dish
Student* € 5.00 € 4.85 € 4.70 € 4.75
Visitors and external parties € 8.70 € 8.50 € 8.50 € 8.50

* Students from other higher education institutions also enjoy VUB student prices. It is compulsory to present your college card! If you cannot produce your card, you will be charged the visitors' price.


Other products that are available at the free-flow

Product Price
Small plate from the salad bar € 2.30
Large plate from the salad bar € 3.00
Soup € 1.10
Extra serving of warm vegetables / potatoes or rice € 1.10
Extra serving of chips (not sold seperately) € 1.50
Soft drinks - tins € 1.10 - € 1.30
Soft drinks - plastic bottles € 1.50
Fair Trade juices: Orange / Tropical and Worldshake € 0.90
Fruit € 0.70
Other desserts: flan / ice cream / ... € 0.90
Drinks Price
Soft drinks - tins € 1.10 - € 1.30
Soft drinks - plastic bottles € 1.50
Coffee / tea / hot milk or hot cacao € 1.10
Espresso / decaffeinated coffee or caffe latte € 1.30
Cappuccino € 1.50
Sandwiches Price
Filled sandwich - pistolet (round roll) or emperor roll € 1.30
Filled baguette € 1.60
Sausage roll € 1.80
Square roll or foccacia € 1.80
Club baguette € 2.50
Martino - sandwich baguette or ciabatta roll € 2.80
Sandwich of the month € 3.00
Italiano baguette € 3.00
Pastry & Miscellaneous Price
Donut € 0.90
Cake / muffin / brownie € 1.00
Danish pastry € 1.10 - € 1.50
Cake slice € 1.80
Confectionery € 2.60
Piece of fruit € 0.70
Fruit yoghurt € 0.90
Magnum ice-cream € 1.50 - € 1.60

Sandwich fillings: cheese, ham, salami, pâté, steak tartare, crab salad, chicken curry, meat salad, salmon salad, shrimp salad, chicken Andalouse, tuna salad, turkey, Effi cream cheese, Effi with dill and cucumber, egg salad, cucumber salad...

The cafeteria opens at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast, hot pastry, are available from that time onwards.