At the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy our main objects are providing education, conducting scientific research and providing services to society in the field of Movement-and Rehabilitation Sciencies.

Education programs

The faculty provides bachelor-and master studies in Physical Education and Movement Sciences, and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences. 
It also offers a postgraduate programme in Sports Management, in Multidisciplinary arteriovenous and lymphatic physiotherapy, an Expert Class in Sports management, and the Postgraduate Certificate International Course in Football Business.

Aside from the International Master Manual Therapy, the Postgraduate Certificate International Course in Football Business and our PhD programme, the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy does not offer English programmes. We do have English courses and possibilities for exchange students. 

Research groups

The faculty conducts research in the Movement- and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Research domain


Research domain

Fundamental research of topographical, functional and clinical anatomy, polarised around the human body and its body composition

Research domain

"Exercise and the Brain in Health & Disease": interaction of exercise on neurochemistry and neurophysiology

Research domain

1) behavioral or non-behavioral factors of health: movement, physical activity, fitness, nutrition, 2) (sport) performance-influencing aspects: motion analysis, nutritional impact, technical and tactical aspects of sports, physiological processes, physical and psychological characteristics, 3) promoting physical literacy by studying actual and (self) perceived competence in movement / motor skills, pedagogy and didactics, both at the level of the individual, (educational) practice and (health) policy.

Research domain

Improve the understanding of biopsychosocial mechanisms of pain and 2) strive towards having a significant impact on health care for patients suffering from (persistent) pain.

Research domain

Neurological rehabilitation, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, oncological rehabilitation and pain science.

Research domain

Developmental, societal and policy-related issues regarding sport involvement of various segments of the population (e.g., youth, elderly, people with disabilities, elite athletes). Sport participation within different contexts (i.e., organised, informal and alternatively organised sport) and levels (i.e., grass root and elite sport)

Research domain

Elite Sport Policies

Research domain

Support and coaching of individual athletes, teams and sports organizations with improvement of mental skills (motivation, self-control, concentration, self-confidence, relationships and team skills, communication and lifestyle)

Alliance research groups VUB-UGent


Research domain

Peripheral and central pain mechanisms that contribute to chronicity in chronic pain

Research domain

(1) measuring, analyzing and establishing the determinants of physical activity, sedentary behavior, motor competence and nutrition in different target populations; (2) promoting physical activity as well as a healthy diet and reducing sedentary behavior; (3) advancing motor competence and the quality of physical education lessons.

PhD- and Master dissertations

An summary of the PhD-and master dissertations obtained at the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy.

  • Summary of PhD's obtained at the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy

Master dissertations

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