Annual Report VUB Foundation – 2018

The revenue and costs of the VUB Foundation in the year 2018 are presented below.


Chairs are an important and sustainable means of providing additional support for the education and exploratory research of the research groups with external funding. At the end of 2018, the VUB had a total of 32 active chairs, including 5 new ones. In 2018, these chairs brought in a total income of €1.365.185.


The further development of an active legacy policy at the VUB is crucial in order to raise funds in the long term. People who leave a legacy usually have very concrete wishes regarding the use of their funds after their death. Total income from legacies in 2018 amounted to €467.635.

Funds by name

In 2018, funds by name were founded for the first time as a result of the efforts of the VUB Foundation. A fund is the ideal way to support a specific section or research at the VUB. These funds - the VUB Yamina Krossa Fund for breast cancer research, the VUB-UZB Paul De Knop Fund for immunotherapy, the VUB Luc Bucquoye Fund for literature, the VUB AVN Fund for research in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection and finally the VUB Andrée and Franz Bingen Fund for scholarships and prizes for international students - brought in a total of €463.299.

Specific projects

In 2018, the fundraising for following specific projects continued: the VUB FabLab of the faculty of Engineering, the Arabic Language Courses for children of the International Relations and Mobility Office department and the VUB Children’s University of the Research & Development department. The latter project was fully financed with the support of alumni and the grants of the King Baudoin Foundation (Ernest Solvay Fund and Immobel Fund). Furthermore, the VUB Foundation started raising funds for the renovation of the university rectorate building by the architect Renaat Braem, the Braem building.


The VUB Foundation received a total of €185.262 from companies in 2018, in-kind sponsorships by Duvel Moortgat, IPG and AVN of respectively €8.000, €20.000 and €3.324.596 not included.


The donations for the projects and initiatives of the faculties brought in a total of €317.338.

Transparent cost structure in accordance with the overhead regulation (17%)

The gross income in 2018 is €2.798.719. In order to finance the functioning of the VUB Foundation and the costs of fundraising (financial department, juridical department, etc.), 17% (€475.782) is deducted, in accordance with the overhead regulation of the VUB. The net income of 83% (€2.322.937) goes directly to specific projects or initiatives (patrimony, research, education).