Research and education on exercise immunology of chronic fatigue

The research group Pain in Motion and De Berekuyl, European College for Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy, created the Chair De Berekuyl at the faculty of Physical Education and Physical Therapy for the timeframe 2012-2019.


  • Stimulate scientific research that studies the influence of physical exertion on the immune system in relation to fatigue in patients with cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome. 
  • Provide service education to the professional master program oncological physical therapy De Berekuyl with regards to exercise physiology, exercise immunology, mentoring master dissertations, treatment of chronic fatigue and teaching epidemiology and literature study. 

Chair type

Research and education



Chair holder

Prof. Dr. Jo Nijs is a professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a physical therapist at UZ Brussel. His clinical and scientific activities are focused on the treatment of "inexplicable" chronic pain and chronic fatigue. He is the author of more than 120 peer reviewed publications on the matter, and spoke as a guest lecturer at more then 90 national and international events. His work has been cited more than 800 times (ISI Web of Knowledge).