The chair was inaugurated in June 2011 at the VUB. 2012 was named the year of active ageing and solidarity between generations by the European Commission. Important themes that were put forward there, are part of the areas of interest of the chair. 


The chair holder prof. dr. Dominique Verté is part of a team of scientist at VUB that are responsible for the Belgian Ageing Studies. He sensitises Dutch communes to the needs of elders and conducts research into these needs. Prof. dr. Verté mentors PhD students in the field of active ageing and takes part in international activities, including European projects (Smarte; GUTS), where topics on the matter of Active Ageing are studied in-depth. 


Foundation Chair Promotion Active Ageing, located in Vught, The Netherlands


2011 - 2019


After finishing my higher education, I followed several courses as a nurse in general hospitals. Before commencing my PhD, I received the highest distinction for education in (socio) pedagogical studies. In 1984 I graduated with distinction in Andragocial Sciences at Utrect University (The Netherlands). I also obtained an extensive minor in organisational research and psychopathology. My dissertation dealt with the topic of tailor-made care. 

In 2004 I obtained my PhD in Health Sciences from Maastricht University (The Netherlands). My dissertation focused on the subject of authonomy in inhabitants of retirement homes. 

From June 2011, I am the chair holder of the Chair Promotion Active Ageing at VUB. I combined that role with that of chairman of the board for an organisation of nursing home, care facilities, home care and housing for the elderly in The Netherlands. 

Chair holder

Prof. dr. Dominique Verté

Telephone number: +32-2-6291355

E-mail: Dominique.Verte@vub.be