Mission Statement

The donated amount that was made available to VUB will be used to finance a PhD scholarship, research financing and operation. 

This chair was founded to support research into medical imaging, with a specific focus on quantitative imaging and the use of contrast liquids in CT. 

Quantitative imaging is the extraction of quantifiable characteristics from medical images that can be used as such to determine and evaluate the status of an illness of injury. 

Therefore we develop and optimse the methodologies to:

  • make medical images (e.g. CT scan protocols);
  • the mathematical analysis of the acquired medical images;
  • and eventually the rendering and availability of the images. 

In this proces we attempt to quantify the specific image characteristics, and we study their value in regards to known anatomical and physiological parameters of the patient, such as for example the response to a treatment option. 


  • Promoting quantitative imaging and the use of quantitative imaging bio-markers in scientific research and in the clinical practice.
  • Promoting the safe usage of X-rays and contrast substances in medical imaging by means of research, education and dissemination. 
  • Increase patient care and quality thereof through a scientific approach.
  • Structure and improve the scientific approach and outpunt of the Radiology department at UZ Brussel.
  • Maintaining (continuity) of scientific research within the department.





Chair holder

Prof. dr. Johan De Mey