After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Yamina Krossa started a campaign for the complete reimbursement of breast reconstructions with breast cancer patients in 2015. She founded the ngo Benetiet to that end. In 2016 she succeeded in her goal. Secretary of Health Maggie De Block reached a deal with plastic surgeons for breast reconstructions with body tissue. The battle for reimbursement was won, but the battle against breast cancer continues unabated. Yamina Krossa made the remaining means of the dissolved ngo Benefiet available to the VUB Fund for breast cancer research. These means are allocated to the fundamental research for a cancer vaccine by prof. dr. ir. Damya Laoui.

'The battle against breast cancer continues unabated. And so does the search for funds.' Yamina Krossa - Founder vzw Benetiet

Cancer research at VUB

Prof. dr. ir. Damya Laoui, together with her colleagues of the research group Cellular and Molecular Immunology (VUB-VIB), aims to develop a new potential cancer therapy using so-called ‘dendritic cells’, which are part of our own immune system. They study whether endogenous cells can be injected in cancer patients to slow the growth of their tumors.


It is rarely the first tumor that kills. Of all cancer deaths in the world, 90 procent can be traced back to recurring tumors or metastatis. Immunologist Damya Laoui has discovered a possible 'vaccine' against metastasis in the tumors themselves. Therefore the treatment is tailored to every individual patient. This immunotherapy can save lives and has fewer side effects than current methods. Laoui hopes to bring her research to a clinical trial soon where the vaccine will be tested on human patients for the first time.


Donate today at the bank account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT FO3. Donations of €40 and higher are up to 45% tax deductible.

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"I offered to help my consulting physician to raise funds, not for myself, but for others like me."

VUB-UZB Paul De Knop Fund

Shortly after the end of his mandate as rector of Vrije Universiteit Brussel prof. Paul De Knop was diagnosed with (metastised) melanoma; still today one of the most aggressive forms of cancer. During his treatment at UZ Brussel he came in contact with Prof. Bart Neyns and his research team. His experimental treatment, i.e. immunotherapy, has shown promising results but requires additional research to help more people, in a quicker and more affordable way out of their penile situation. 

Research team

From left to right: prof. dr. Ivan Van Riet, prof. dr. Rik Schots and prof. dr. Bart Neyns.

Prof .dr. Bart Neyns of the Oncology department.


Prof. dr. Bart Neyns and his colleagues of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences have made remarkable strides in a new treatment of cancer whereby one's own body cells are used to attack the tumor. Our immune system consists of different types of cells, including dendritic cells, that help attack the cancer. Those cells are naturally present in tumors. Dendritic cells are therefore extracted from the patient's body and in the lab they are modified in such a way that, once reinjected, are better equiped for the task. In other words: the body itself destroys the cancer.

Additional resources are needed however. The reason lies in the following: the immunotherapy of professor Neyns is based on the body's own cells, not pharmaceutically developed products. As a result the pharmaceutical sector shows little to no interest in this solution in the battle against cancer. Bluntly stated: there are no profits to be made. Yet immunotherapy can save many lives!


A first accomplishment of the VUB-UZB Paul De Knop Fund is the purchase of the Prodigy-device. It subtracts blood cells from patients and creates dendritic cells in a closed circuit. These will eventually infiltrate the cancer cells. 

Future prospects

The research continues unabated and continues to make giant leaps forward. The survival rates with forms of cancer where immunotherapy is used as a treatment form, are often higher than in the past. Yet more fundamental and clinical research is needed. Your support can save lives!

'This therapy continues to get better and better. Soon we want to be successful in leukaemia with children or aggressive lymphoma in adults.'

Prof. dr. Bart Neyns


Donate today at the bank account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT FO2. Donations of €40 and higher are up to 45% tax deductible.

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VUB Scientific Support Fund

At the end of 2013, the VUB Scientific Support Fund was integrated into the VUB Foundation. The VUB Scientific Support Fund promotes multidisciplinary scientific research and education and helps to finance researchers and research groups. Biannually it organises a seminar where important scientific discoveries are presented, as well as their potential impact on society. Giving pioneer's work and explorative research chances and allowing new technologies that will shape tomorrow's society to be developed.

    Em. prof. Sylvain Loccufier Honorary Rector VUB

    "Our students are our future. Only when starting researchers get the financial breathing room to spread their wings, can they come up with creative and innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. It is by no means a coincidence that I am chairman of the VUB Scientific Support Fund. I sincerely hope that you also believe in the power of science and want to translate that belief into a donation. Through the VUB Scientific Support Fund you invest in the future of yourself, your family and friends."


    The VUB Scientific Support Fund praises commendable researchers with the following biannual awards: 

    • The Hilde Bruers Award to support clinical and translational biomedical reseach;
    • The Paul De Vroede Award to support a PhD research with shown societal relevance in the humanities;
    • The VUB Wetenschappelijk Steunfonds Awards to support beginning researchers of new research projects.


    Your donation supports pioneering work. Our goal is to raise €25.000 per year for academic awards and the organisation of seminars


    Donate today at the bank account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT167. Donations of €40 and higher are up to 45% tax deductible.

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    VUB Casman & Michielsens Fund

    Professor Hélène Casman and Professor André Michielsens retired in resp. 2013 and 2015. They educated generations of notaries and together built the M.A. program to what it is today. The government is looking for spending cuts and therefore constantly adjusts their strategy. The means available for the program are under pressure. That is why em. prof. Casman and em. prof. Michielsens founded the Casman & Michielsens Fund.

    Prof. André Michielsens

    Master in notary sciences

    The Master of Laws in Notary Sciences at VUB is one of the largest in Flanders. The Flemish government however has decided to lower the funding for Master after Master programs. Professors Casman and Michielsens, who made the program into what it is today, therefore founded the Casman & Michielsens Fund. A donation to the Fund helps to safeguard the existence of this reputable and necessary program. Many future notaries are grateful for your support!

    Prof. em. Hélène Casman

    'My colleague professor Michielsens and I lived for our jobs. We loved the program and the interaction with our students. We lifted the Master after Master program of Notary Sciences to an unprecedented level. A level that is much appreciated by all of our (former) students and fellow notaries. When we found out that the government was cutting off funding, we decided to create the Casman & Michielsens Fund. The quality of the program should not be dependent on funding. With this fund we want to guarantee the future of this high quality program!'


    Thanks to your donation the needs of the program can be covered. Guest lecturers can be engaged to raise the level of the program even more. But most of all: you help to safeguard the continued existence of the Master of Laws in Notary Sciences.


    Donate today at the bank account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT146. Donations of €40 and higher are up to 45% tax deductible.

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    In 2018 the Association Vinçcotte Nuclear (AVN) took the initiative to found a new fund at VUB. The Association Vinçotte Nuclear is a non-profit organisation that fully independently contributes to the protection of people and environment against nuclear, industrial and radiological risks. The VUB-AVN Fund has the goal of financing a four year PhD scholarship in the research field of nuclear safety and radiation protection. The fund will finance one PhD scholarship per four years. 

    The Jury

    • Chairman AVN and Chairman VUB AVN Fund
      • Jean Vereecken
    • Board of Directors AVN
      • Frank Deconinck 
    • Dean of the Faculty Engineering
      • Prof. dr. Stefaan Caenepeel
    • Dean of the Faculty Science and Bio-engineering Sciences
      • Prof. dr. Eric Jespers
    • Vice-Rector Innovation and Industrial Policy
      • Prof. dr. ir. Hugo Thienpont

    Project Call 2018

    The first project call was launched on June 13th 2018 and the PhD scholarship has begun in the academic year of 2018-2019. Promotors (minimum 10% VUB professors) from one of the VUB faculties could submit a research proposal individually or in collaboration with a PhD student at foundation@vub.be. More information about the project can be found here.

    Winner PhD Scholarship 2018-2022

    The jury has decided to grant the scholarship to the author of the PhD proposal titled Closing the 'surface gap' in the understanding of Hydrogen Induced Cracking: Study of the influence of the steel surface state on the hydrogen-steel interaction, (H-SURF).

    With the support of the VUB-AVN Fund and supervisor Prof. Dr. Iris Degraeve, PhD student Tim Rubben will be able to complete his research within the next four years.

    More information.


    The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has received a donation of 8 million euros by the Association Vinçotte Nuclear for the construction of two new laboratories at the UZ (Jette). As a result of a collaboration with the Jules Bordet Institute, a new cancer treatment will be developed and applied on patients.

    VUB Luc Bucquoye Fund

    The Luc Bucquoye Fund, established in 2018, encourages multidisciplinary research at the VUB, particularly in the faculty of Arts and Philosophy. The Luc Bucquoye-prize, or the VUB literature-prize, is granted on an annual basis to an author of Dutch literature.


    Luc Bucquoye, born in Bruges, obtained his title of licentiate in Germanic philology at the University of Gent. For years he stayed in Africa, where he built an academic career. Later he took interest in the world of business as a consultant and administrator.

    "It is needless to say that in the world of sciences there is a dominance of the exact sciences. Although human sciences are neccessary to help these exact sciences to occupy the social field. Reflection and curiosity offer new perspectives for research within different disciplines and can consequently bring along improvements."

    Luc Bucquoye, licentiate in Germanic philology

    Selection criteria

    Important values for the selection process are the freedom of thought, obstinacy and the stimulation of emotion and intellect. The Faculty of Arts & Philosophy organizes lectures that are tutored by the winner of this prize.

    The jury

    Prof. dr. Wim Vandenbussche


    Professor of Dutch Linguistics

    Ilke Froyen

    Director International House of Literature Passa Porta

    Dr. Sofie Gielis

    Lecturer PXL-MAD and literary critic

    Dalilla Hermans

    Author, columnist and VUB Fellow

    VUB Andrée and Franz Bingen Fund

    As of 2000, the Vesalius College grants prizes and scholarships in honour of Andrée and Franz Bingen. The Fund Andrée and Franz Bingen was established in 2018 to guarantee a fair assignment of these prizes and scholarships in the long term.



    Andrée and Franz Bingen married in 1960 and have had three sons together. Franz Bingen is emeritus prof. dr. of mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the founder of the Vesalius College. Andrée Bingen, who used to be a teacher of biology at the Atheneum of Nijvel, has done a lot for the Vesalius College behind the scenes. In her eyes, it was unfair that students of the Vesalius College with financial problems had a disadvantage through their academic career. The Andrée Bingen fund was established for this reason.

    Franz Bingen Honours Prize

    A prize of €500 is awarded to a Senior Bachelor student on an annual basis. The honours essay should meet the following conditions:

    • Have earned a minimum grade of A-.
    • Be written in correct English, including spelling.
    • Have a good presentation.

    Andrée Bingen Senior Scholarship Award

    The fund Andrée and Franz Bingen awards one scholarship of €1.200 per semester to a Senior Bachelor student with a GPA higher than 2.8. The main objective of this scholarship is to help students with financial problems. The academic council is responsible for the selection process.

    We still need your help

    Do you also find it unfair that students with financial problems do not have equal chances? Then make a difference and donate the amount of your choice to the Andrée and Franz Bingen Fund.


    Donate today at the bank account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of the VUB with reference GIFT FO5. Donations of €40 and higher are up to 45% tax deductible.

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