Find an alphabetically ordered overview of all our governing bodies and roles and read all about their powers, their constitution and their members.

Academic Council

Is the highest academic advisory and consultative body that draws up the academic strategic policy of the university.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines the general strategic policy of the University. Furthermore, the Board organises the oversight and evaluation of the management, the performance of the organisation and financial monitoring through means of an internal audit. In the execution of its mandate, the Board of Directors is assisted by a number of advisory committees. More details can be found under Organisational Statute and Rules of Procedure.

Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work

The Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work is chiefly tasked to actively improve the wellbeing of employees in the execution of their jobs.


The Dean is the head of a faculty.

Faculty Board

Responsible for governing the faculty, under control of the Faculty Council.

Faculty Bureau

Is charged with the day-to-day operations of the faculty.

Faculty Council

Is the highest independent governing body at the faculty level.

General Administrator

Is responsible for the general administrative, logistical and financial management of the university.

Management Board UZ Brussel

Is responsible for the policy and governance of UZ Brussel (University Hospital).

Management Committee

Is charged with the day-to-day operations of the university.

Management Committee UZ Brussel

Is charged with the day-to-day operations of the UZ Brussel (University Hospital).

Management Director UZ Brussel

The Managing Director UZ Brussel is responsible for the daily academic and general operations of the university hospital.


The Rector is the head of the University.

Student Council

Defends the interests of students and has informational duty towards all students.

Stuvo Council

Is charged with drawing up a policy brief concerning the operation and organisation of student facilities and has advisory competence in VUB’s Board of Directors.

UMC Committee

Advises on matters that are of interest to both the UZ Brussel as well as the faculty of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences regarding the development of a coherent policy for both UZ Brussel and the university.

University Council

Determines the general strategic vision, approves of the university budget and financial statements and appoints directors.

UZ Brussel

Integral part of VUB that has both a clinical assignment and a university function that is connected to the academic assignment of VUB.

Vice rector Education and Student Affairs

Is responsible for the education and student affairs policy in consultation with the Education Council and the Student Council.

Vice rector Innovation and Valorisation

Is responsible for the innovation and valorisation policy in consultation with the Innovation and Valorisation Council.

Vice rector Internationalisation

Is responsible for the internationalisation policy in consultation with the Council for International Policy.

Vice rector Research policy

Is responsible for the research policy in consultation with the Research Council.

Works Council

The Works Council convenes every month and chiefly has an informative, advisory and controlling task with regards to the financial and HR policies of the university as well as the way in which governing bodies - both at central and faculty levels - function. On certain domains it has decision power.

Organisational Statute

Principles, mission and structure of the university. Governing bodies.


Universitair Charter Goed Bestuur

Principles of good governance


University chart

Overview of the structure of the university.


Worker participation

Representation in Work Council, CPPW & worker representatives