Go on a teambuilding with your colleagues

A high-quality, well-organised teambuilding activity enables a team to work more efficiently and effectively together. That’s why we are committed to supporting these activities, and encourage teams to take the time now and then to give their team spirit a boost. During a teambuilding activity, aside from the ‘fun-factor’, we encourage you to make the opportunity to learn something as part of the programme as well.

How do we submit a request?

Teams may submit an application for a ‘team development programmes’ financial subsidy annually to People&Organisation (P&O). Applications for 2020 will be accepted starting from the autumn of 2019. The steps for submitting an application for 2020 are described below.

Step 1: Complete and submit the application form

The application form is available below. The completed document should be sent to Ricanay.Ciriaco@vub.be.

Please note:

  • All applications for 2020 must be submitted by 28/02/2020 at the latest.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to process applications received outside of this period.
  • Applications may only be submitted by the head of the main unit.

Step 2: Assessment by P&O and allocation of the budget

Applications will be assessed by P&O according to the following criteria:

  • The inclusion of a programme for meaningful learning
  • Motivation: to what extent do the activities contribute to achieving the goals of the team / our university
  • Applications that pay extra attention to well-being (such as safety, psychosocial aspects, health, ergonomics, …) will be given priority

We will then make an allocation of the available budget and will submit it to the Management Committee for approval. If your application is approved, we will provide 60 euro per effective participant.

Step 3: Communication

The head of the main unit will be notified by mail of the maximum allocated budget for his or her main unit.

Step 4: Reimbursement

The main unit will pay the bills for the teambuilding. Afterwards, you can present the proof of payment and the list of effective participants to M&O, which will then reimburse the costs on the ‘PKC-number’ as provided.


Would you like to go on a teambuilding activity?

Fill out the application form for a financial subsidy and mail the form to Ricanay.Ciriaco@vub.be

Download the form

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