Innovation leads to collaboration. Working together results in innovation. The world is a laboratory and 'Innovation works' only when stakeholders of academia, business world and civil society meet and reinforce each other.

Top-level research

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel delivers top-level research with an international reputation. VUB TechTransfer facilitates the implementation of this knowledge and technology into industry and society. Together with its strategic partners VUB Foundation - the philantropic fundraising team and Crosstalks - the interdisciplinary networking platform - VUB TechTransfer forms the Vice-rectorate Innovation & Industry Relations headed by Vice-rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont. We continuously strive towards connecting science and society.

Hugo Thienpont, Vice-rector Innovation & Industry Relations


"In a rapidly changing world where everyhthing is digitalised and technology is getting more and more specialised, co-innovation between university, industry and other partners, is of crucial importance. It leads to fresh perspectives, new skills and groundbreaking solutions to provide an answer to today’s societal challenges.

This is only possible with the commitment of all actors, individuals and companies, who do not want to stay on the sidelines but believe that with their ideas, knowledge and dedication they can make a difference for others and thus contribute to a better world."

University-industry-society interaction

Are you a VUB researcher with a groundbreaking discovery?
Are you a componay or non-profit organisation looking for specific VUB expertise?

We will guide you in matching common needs and provide support with the necessary expertise in every phase of the complex "valorisation" or cooperation process.

Contact us for any university-industry-society interaction.

Vice-rector Innovation & Industry Relations - Hugo Thienpont

Phone number: +32 2 629 22 07 Email: vicerector-innovatie@vub.be

Director VUB TechTransfer - Sonja Haesen

Phone number: +32 2 629 22 07 Email: techtransfer@vub.be

Director VUB Foundation - Isabelle Marneffe

Phone number: +32 2 629 15 42 Email: isabelle.marneffe@vub.be

Director VUB Crosstalks - Marleen Wynants

Phone number: +32 2 629 10 05 Email: marleen.wynants@vub.be