As a senior researcher, you help to define the line of inquiry for your research group and act as project manager. A major aspect of your responsibilities is therefore securing funding for that research, which is not easy in a highly competitive environment. The VUB strives to optimally support its researchers in this process through the following initiatives:

Explore funding channels and support

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Racsweb training for researchers - planned on demand

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Pure infosessions

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Project management

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Do you need assistance with your application? Be sure to check the brand new funding guide for all relevant channels and contact persons. There is a wide range of guidance available, depending on the type of funding:

  • For European funding, the VUB EU-team offers help with selecting the right channels of funding based on an annual “info day” and based on EU road maps. When it comes to the application itself, they will help you maximize your chances of success with a range of personalised support
  • For the applications for national funding, specific information sessions, workshops about writing project proposals and opportunities for practice defences are organized.


  • You can find an overview of your awarded projects in Pure. Information on the funding of your projects is available under ‘awards’, and information on the research topic, under ‘my projects’. Would you like more tips about working with Pure? Feel free to make an appointment for an information session.
  • For certain international grants that are awarded, you will be invited to a kick-off meeting full of hands-on tips for launching your awarded project.
  • From time to time, for specific target groups, a two-day basic course on Project management can be organised, which will cover the theory and methods, followed by an optional half-day Projectboost follow-up session at which this knowledge is specifically applied to your project(s). Interested? E-mail us.