Your progress as a member of the professorial staff will bring increasing responsibility within your research group. Ultimately, you will coordinate various research projects, act as a mentor, and ensure cooperation and well-being in the team. Furthermore, as supervisor for doctoral candidates, you will have a hand in nurturing the early careers of these young researchers.

Joint ULB-VUB initiatives for supervisors

Scheduled leadership training (mostly Dutch)

Project management

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Supervising PhD candidates

Clear expectations on both sides are the key to smooth relations between the supervisor and the PhD candidate. But what exactly are your rights and obligations as a supervisor? What style of guidance is the best fit for both of you? How should you handle difficult situations?

In order to answer these questions, the VUB and ULB jointly organise:

  • The two-day supervisor training, based on scientific insights into the supervisor-PhD candidate relationship. This training takes place on two nonconsecutive days in the second semester.
  • The Round table for PhD supervisors, an interactive discussion forum with a panel of experts on various topics that are introduced by supervisors themselves, followed by co-creation sessions to establish guidelines on the subject.
  • Intervision sessions in which personal cases can be discussed confidentially. A number of opportunities for these sessions will be scheduled in the second semester.

You can also ask questions or indicate your interest by e-mail.


How can you make good arrangements within your team so that everyone can work independently at the same time as learning from one another and backing each other up? How to resolve conflicts? These are skills that you will need in your research, but they are also applicable in many other situations, such as your teaching and managerial responsibilities.

An overview of the courses for helping you develop your leadership skills is available here. Most of these courses are taught in Dutch, but you can contact us with requests for sessions in English.

Project management

From time to time, a two-day basic course on Project management can be organised for specific target groups. This course covers theory and methods, followed by an optional half-day Projectboost follow-up session at which this knowledge is specifically applied to your project(s). Interested? Get in touch via e-mail.