Controlling concrete curing through real-time acoustic emission behavior



Inspection of engineered composites for sustainable construction



Mechanics of Materials and Construction

To study the mechanical behavior of innovative material systems and lightweight constructions under complex loading conditions by means of (combined) experimental testing and advanced numerical modeling, in close collaboration with our national and international academic and industrial partners.

In the Department of 'Mechanics of Materials and Constructions' (MEMC) fundamental and applied research is developed on the following themes: 

  1. Durability - Reliability of polymer based composite systems
  2. Mixed numerical-experimental techniques or inverse methods
  3. Mineral polymers and their composites
  4. Damage mechanics on material and structural levels
  5. Non-destructive testing and experimental mechanics
  6. Design and analysis of constructions
  7. Renovation of buildings and civil engineering constructions. 

Software and hardware is available for the research on these themes. In the applications, international relations and interactions with industry are a permanent incentive for future developments.

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