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VUB Sports Survey

2020 is not only a what I would call a bizar year due to the corona crisis, it is also the last year of a policy period concerning sports at the EHB and VUB.  By end of June 2020 the UAB, a collaboration between the EHB and VUB, needs to send a new policy plan for the period 2021-2024 to Sport Vlaanderen to be able to enjoy financial support the next 4 years for the organization of student sports at both institutions.
To be able to make a plan that is closest to the habits, needs and satisfaction of our public we would like to ask for your help.  A new plan starts with the evaluation of the old plan.  And who can do a better evaluation of our services than our sports card holders.  We hope that you as a sports cardholder will take 10 minutes of your time to give us your input before the 20th of April via participation in the survey.
Survey VUB Sports

We thank you for your collaboration and wish you and your beloved a fit and healthy future,
P.S.: VUB Sports is currently closed due to the measures taken to slow down the spread of the corona virus in Brussels, Belgium, Europe and the World. You can reach us during this period via sport@vub.be.