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VUB Ph.D. Dr Jafari wins prestigious Iranian Ali-Mohammedi prize

Dr Jafari, VUB Ph. D., wins Ali-Mohammedi prizeThe Ali-Mohammedi Prize, won this year by Dr Jafari, is awarded every year to the most outstanding PhD dissertation written in Iran, and is sponsored jointly by the IPM (Iranian institute for Fundamental Research) and the Physics Society of Iran.

Before defending her thesis at the end of last year – using the first data from the CMS experiment at CERN – Dr Jafari worked on her Ph.D. research supervised by Prof. Dr. J. D'Hondt at the VUB faculty of Science and Bio-engineering Sciences, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, at the Interuniversity Institute for High Energies (ULB-VUB). She also worked on her thesis at IPM in Iran and at CERN. She received a dual Ph.D. with greatest distinction from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the University of Tehran. Physics Society of Iran. The award is named after the Shahid Massoud Ali-Mohammadi from University of Tehran who was the first recipient of a PhD degree in Physics from a university in Iran and was the first Postdoc research associate at IPM. Professor Ali-Mohammadi was a prominent professor of Physics at the University of Tehran.

Dr Jafari is now a post-doc at IPM in Iran and spends a substantial fraction of her time at CERN. Her current interests are related to top quark physics, more specific to the study of collision events in which only one top quark appears.