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Pedro Brugada receives gold medal for scientific work

Gold medal for VUB Cardiologist Pedro Brugada

On Saturday 25 August 2012, cardiologist Pedro Brugada, currently working at the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (Brussels University Hospital), received a gold medal from the European Cardiological Society for his scientific work. Two other cardiologists also received the distinction on the same occasion. 

It comes as no surprise that Brugada was awarded a gold medal by the European Cardiological Society. Brugada is one of the leading cardiologists in Belgium. Among his most noted patients, he has treated King Albert. In fact, the Catalonia-born physician even has a syndrome named after him: Brugada syndrome, a condition whereby the electrical activity of the heart is disturbed, involving increased risk of sudden death.

The two other heart specialists to receive the medal are Patrick Serruys (Belgium) and Ryozo Nagai (Japan). The European Cardiological Society is the biggest organisation of heart specialists in Europe.