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VUB, Vesalius and EHB Students report from the UN Climate Conference in Doha, Qatar

Students VUB with delegation to UN Climate Conference

From Sunday the 2nd till Friday the 7th 2012, 6 students from Brussels will be attending the yearly UN Climate Conference. 3 Students of the "Vrije Universiteit Brussel", 2 from the "Erasmus University College" and an American student f "Vesalius College" will be, under guidance of the University Centre for Development Cooperation, negotiating with world-leaders and fighting for a better future for our planet.

More and more scientists are warning us that its getting very difficult to keep global warming under 2°C, but in the mean time our governments and world leaders can't seem to make climate agreements. With the project "UCOS@COP18", UCOS will take students there where international policies are born. As official observers of the negotiations we want to investigate what the boundaries are stopping an ambitious climate agreement happening.

We won't only be observing, we'll be working together with the Belgian Climate-coalition and Nic Batlhazar to spread the succesfull campaign "Sing for the Climate". More then 80.000 Belgians took part in this "singing protest" for the climate at the end of September. In October 300.000 students and schoolkids also took part! In Doha we'll be spreading this international model for action.

During our stay we'll be communicating what we see, experience and understand.
We'll do this on our facebook page, our blog and twitter

200 Students at VUB and EhB are concerned about the climate and dropped dead out of solidarity with the climate victims, if you haven't seen the video click here!