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Vrije Universiteit Brussel coordinates the arrival of students and academics from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Erasmus MundusEight EU and 12 non-EU educational institutions are participating in the exchange programme, and the general board will be formed by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) coordinator and the Jimma University (JU) co-coordinator in Ethiopia.

As many as 210 people will receive a scholarship to study or to gain experience at a university in Europe. At the same time, several professors from EU countries will carry out their profession in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The selection for the project, which has been christened Caribu, is based on equal opportunities: vulnerable groups and women are given fair opportunities. Ultimately, Caribu aims to lead to an academic network for international cooperation, where best practices with regard to research can be exchanged between the various institutions.

The aim is to promote academic mobility among the participating countries and the European higher education institutions. The individual participants should gain experience that will stimulate their future career, both at an educational and a personal level.

In addition, the emphasis for this project is on institutional cooperation, and improvement of the educational system and leadership skills through seminars, workshops and meetings. The European Union also aims to alleviate the major educational needs of the countries concerned: engineering, ICT, environment, science, agriculture, management and social sciences.