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Students from the Americas to obtain their PhD at VUB

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From now on, 60 students from North and Latin America, as well as the Caribbean, will pursue their doctorate at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) every year. This is clearly stated in the collaboration agreement the Organization of American States (OAS) and VUB signed earlier this month. Doctoral students in domains of Public Health, Educational Sciences and Engineering will take the lead.


The Organization of American States (OAS) aims to enhance collaboration and solidarity between its member states. Already 35 American countries are participating in it. VUB has been working with OAS for quite some time now, and is very pleased to be part of this new venture.

The new collaboration agreement was signed by VUB Vice-Rector Professor Jan Cornelis in Washington this month. It specifies VUB will offer doctoral education of 4 years to 60 American students every year. So, in this agreement 240 American students will simultaneously be preparing their doctorate at VUB in Brussels.

VUB has always been a research oriented university. About 11% of the total student population is pursuing a PhD. But the new initiative now implies a 20% rise in PhD students at our institute.


The agreement offers important benefits, for instance: students are exempt from the payment of tuition fees. During their stay in Brussels they have general health insurance.  However, candidates must show a very strong academic track record and demonstrate scientific excellence.

First recruits

VUB expects the first doctoral students in domains of Public Health, Educational Sciences and Engineering to arrive before the end of the year. An expansion of the existing agreement to other domains, and also for Master students, has already been planned for the near future.

Apply now: http://bit.ly/1weDFkS