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Prof. Sonja Snacken Awarded 2015 ESC European Criminology Award

The European Society of Criminology has decided to award Prof. Sonja Snacken, who is a member of the Crime & Society research group, the 2015 ESC European Criminology Award in recognition of her lifetime contribution to European criminology.

Prof. Snacken impressed the award committee, which consists of former ESC presidents Henrik Tham (chair, University of Stockholm, Sweden), Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia), and Michael Tonry (University of Minnesota, United States of America), by her significant contributions to European criminology.

In particular, the award committee considered that:

Sonja Snacken combines in her writings the role of the sharp and empirically oriented researcher with that of the engaged citizen who believes in humane values and who is willing to fight for them.  In comparing penal systems and prison regimes in Europe she tries – together with other European criminologists – to explain variations historically and between nations. The differences in punitivity are shown to mainly be a function of differences in welfare and social equality, in human rights and in democracy. Having established these criminological facts she points to the main cause of these differences – political decision-making. And in her official capacity in organizations, committees and councils she confronts the politicians. The winner of the European Society of Criminology Award 2015, Sonja Snacken, is regarded to be a European criminologist in the best sense of the word.”

The Awards Ceremony will take place during the annual ESC Conference, which will be held in Porto from the 2nd to 5th of September.