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VICE Checks Out VUB Spin-Off Double PASS

Double PASS logoVUB spin-off Double PASS recently celebrated its tenth birthday. And has a lot of impressive stats to show for it. The football optimisation company collaborates with over 500 clubs, from Chelsae and FC Bayern to SK Steenhuffel and Olsa Brakel, and some of the world’s most important leagues, youth academies, and federations, from the Bundesliga and the Premier League to the Hungarian Football Association. Together with its partners, the developmental audit company strives to Make Better Players and improve the Quality of the Game.

Double PASS recently broadened its cooperation with the US Soccer Federation. Reason enough for hip media company VICE to take a good look at the history, mission, and methodology of this illustrious company based in mundane Dilbeek.

“As [Double PASS CEO] Schoukens searched for an appropriate thesis topic, he was approached by Paul De Knop, the rector at Vrije Universiteit Brussels. De Knop had an intriguing proposal for Schoukens. Jo Van Hoecke, a professor at the university, had recently developed a software program and philosophy for measuring the productivity and organization of gymnastics academies…”

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