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Three New Transcontinental Programmes in Economic Diplomacy

VUB's Brussels Diplomatic Academy (BDA) launches three new postgraduate programmes in economic diplomacy. These have an exceptionally large scope: during the course of the programmes, students have the opportunity to stay in three continents.

Students of the postgraduate programmes ‘Economic Diplomacy’, ‘International Trade and Investment’, and the ‘Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business’, can opt to study in the following cities: Brussels, Washington D.C., and Shanghai. This will not only guarantee that the knowledge they acquire will be truly global, but also allows them to experience the different ways in which economic diplomacy is practiced in these centres of international trade.

Training tomorrow’s diplomats (and …)

By organising these study programmes, BDA hopes to increase students’ passing rates in the diplomatic/foreign service exams, their professional success, and the diversity of their futures.

The intensive and specialised character of the programmes also contributes to these goals. Two of the programmes, ‘Economic Diplomacy’ and ‘International Trade and Investment’, are worth 66 (instead of the regular 60) ECTS. The ‘Flagship Programme in Economic Diplomacy and International Business’ is worth 99 ECTS, spread over three semesters. Graduates of this last programme will be prepared to take up functions in economic and monetary policy.

The transcontinental curriculums, their focus on economic diplomacy, and their practical approach, distinguish these three new BDA postgraduate programmes from more traditional courses in diplomacy. By organising these programmes, BDA responds to specific requirements of governments worldwide.