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VUBToday: Baby monkey is first primate created using sperm from tissue transplanted into dad

The Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton welcomes a baby monkey, called Grady. The birth of the monkey is not an ordinary one. She is the first primate born using sperm from a tissue-grafting technique. Researchers removed a tissue of the testicle of Grady’s father when he was young, afterwards it was grafted back onto his body. The technique is very hopeful for boys who need cancer treatments during a young age and might lose their fertility. Ellen Goossens, reproductive biologist at the VUB, says that the success is important for the field. Previous efforts had succeeded in generating sperm when tissue was grafted into rodents, she notes, but sperm production is different between rodents and primates such as monkeys and humans. “It’s a huge step that this can be performed in primates,” Goossens says. Read more on nature.com. read more on VUB Today